• The TURBOPRO™ Stick Mixer from Electrolux is developed based on our professional kitchen experiences, and will help you cook meals that are just as memorable for family and friends.

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    Inspired by professional chefs. Developed for you.

    Professional chefs all over the world rely on our ovens, cooktops, dishwashers and small appliances to create memorable meals for their customers. The TURBOPRO stick mixer is designed on our experience in professional kitchens to help you cook memorable meals for family and friends.

    Professional XL-foot

    The 25cm-long mixing bar lets you mix in the deepest of kitchenware, just like the pros do. The anti-scratch/anti-splash bell-shaped end prevents food getting stuck under the blades and takes care of your equipment while keeping your kitchen squeaky clean.

    Vortex Power

    Three special velouté blades eliminate lumps and create a velvety texture in soups, sauces, smoothies, purées, mayonnaise and much more. And with 700 watts of power, the unique velouté blades and bell shaped design creates a vortex that sucks food into the blades for smoothest results.

    Double whisk and chopper

    The TURBOPRO has an advanced double whisk attachment used by the pros. It draws more air into the mixture for easy results. The chopper bowl and powerful turbo function gives you everything you need to chop fruits, nuts and harder ingredients such as ice.

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