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buy electrolux dishwashers in malaysia

Dishwashers, the workhorses of the kitchen. Compared to hand washing they clean more thoroughly, are more hygienic and surprisingly, use less energy and water. And they're no longer a luxury, they're a household essential. Here are a few tips on what to look out for when choosing the right Electrolux dishwasher for your family.

Size it Up

Nowadays we don't think of dishwashers in terms of how many place settings they can handle. All families are different and to be honest, it's not just plates, cutlery and cups that we want to get sparkling clean. It's more important to look at the internal dimensions and think about the type of things you regularly use your dishwasher for. From compact units that sit on the drainer, to full-sized integrated dishwashers that are big enough for the largest pizza plate, Electrolux has got them all.

Clean Lines

If you're not hiding your dishwasher behind a kitchen unit you need to think about colours and styles. White is still the most popular colour for these appliances, but you might fancy a snazzy stainless steel unit, with slim bar handles and hidden controls. Electrolux even have dishwashers with more futuristic designs, complete with soft sculpted curves and chunky controls.

A Bit of Quiet Time?

The dull drone of a dishwasher. Not the most pleasant sound in the home. But we don't have to suffer in silence anymore. Electrolux has a wide range of dishwashers in Malaysia that keep noise to a minimum. In fact, did you know that one 48 decibel (dB) dishwasher makes the same amount of noise as two 45dB units? So, a reduction of just a few decibels has a massive effect on the noise output.

Nice & Simple

Let's face it, washing the dishes isn't the most complicated chore we have to do. And likewise, Electrolux dishwashers aren't the most complicated appliances in the kitchen. There are however a few things you should look out for. Make sure the one you choose at least has both an intensive and economy program. For more flexibility, you may also want to go with an AUTO program, a 30min quick wash and a lower temperature wash, which is better for your delicate glasses and china.

Safe & Secure

Water leaks. Messy, smelly and if they go unnoticed for some time, can be incredibly damaging. The Electrolux Aqua Lock, Aqua Stop and Anti-flooding systems all leap into action should a leak appear in or outside of the dishwasher. Also, most Electrolux dishwashers are fitted with an easy lock system, so you can rest assured that any small wandering hands in your home will not get up to any mischief.

A Little Water Goes a Long Way

Electrolux have range of AAA rated dishwashers which use only 10 litres of water for each full load, with no loss in performance. Many models also have an auto-off feature which disconnects you dishwasher from the mains electricity 10 minutes after the cycle has finished. Ensuring that you don't waste energy when the unit is on stand-by.

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buy electrolux dishwashers in malaysia

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