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Big load, special programs, water efficiency. There are so many choices when it comes to buying a new Electrolux washing machine it's enough to put your head in a spin cycle. But don't worry, we're here to help. Take a look at our hints below and all will become clear.

Here's a list of the things to consider in finding the right washing machine for you.

Size Matters

Water efficient front loaders, special no-tangles top-loading washers and combined washer-dryers are great ways to save some precious kitchen or laundry corner centimetres. And if you stack or wall-mount your clothes dryer on top of your washing machine, you not only save space but makes it easy to switch between machines.

Speaking in Volumes

Just the two of you or a family of eight? Electrolux washing machines range in size from 7 to 11 kilos of dry laundry. And with clever features like our weight sensing technology, which adjusts water and energy consumption according to the size of the load, there's no wastage. Oh, and just so you know, an Electrolux 8 kg capacity washing machine can handle 40 shirts at a time? That's a lot of shirts.

Too Many Clothes, not Enough Time

Is time an issue for you? Then you need an Electrolux Time Manager which allows you to choose the time of the wash cycle according to the dirt level. We even offer a program that takes only 18 minutes. Now that's quick. Do you know that you can preset the washer to end when you need it? Thanks to the Delay End function, your clothes will be ready just when you reach home after work!

All in a Spin

How do you dry your clothes? Cover every radiator in the house with socks? Mount a series of hairdryers on a broom handle? Just wear slightly damp clothes? We all have our methods, but one thing is for sure - drying can be painstakingly slow. However, things speed up considerably if you add a little spin to the mix. In fact, clothes take 25 minutes quicker to tumble dry if they’ve been spun at 1400rpm compared to 850rpm.


Does your home ring to the sound of sneezes and sniffles at certain times of the year? Then you might be interested in the Vapour Action wash ine Electrolux washing machines, which reduce allergen byup to 99.9%. Plus, did you know that by simply tumble drying your laundry you can remove most pollen, dust, and other allergens from your clothes too?

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