Air Cleaner

Why we need an air cleaner?

Environmental Protection Agency tells us that the air inside our home can be up to 40 TIMES more polluted than the outdoor environment. Much of the dangers found indoor (at home or at work) often can’t be seen and may have no detectable odors. These dangers are responsible for all types of allergies and diseases. Air cleaner is designed to maximize the quality of the air in the home. Reduced exposure to allergens and harmful airborne particles will minimized risk of developing asthma and respiratory problems.

What’s ‘Plasmawave Technology’?

Plasmacluster is a sanitizing technology, the plasma device generates and emits the same positive and negative ions of the same type found in nature. It instantly neutralize suspended airborne mold, viruses, bacteria, chemical vapors and odors in the air. Making the air healthier, purer and benefits the living space.

 How does a photocatalytic air purifier works?


In photocatalytic air purifiers, the catalyst that cleans the air is typically titanium dioxide (sometimes called titania) and it's energized by ultraviolet (UV) light. UV is the short-wavelength light just beyond the blue/violet part of the electromagnetic spectrum that our eyes can detect.

1. When UV light shines on the titanium dioxide, electrons are released at its surface. It's the electrons that do the useful work for us.

2. The electrons interact with water molecules (H2O) in the air, breaking them up into hydroxyl radicals (OH·), which are highly reactive, short-lived, uncharged forms of hydroxide ions (OH−).

3. These small, agile hydroxyl radicals then attack bigger organic (carbon-based) pollutant molecules, breaking apart their chemical bonds and turning them into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water. This is an example of oxidation—and that's why air purifiers that work this way are sometimes also described as PCO (photocatalytic oxidation) air cleaners.

What’s the advantage to have ‘HEPA’ filter in the air cleaner?

A true HEPA® is the best known filter for removing at least 99.97% of particulates &  impurities such as dust, animal dander, smoke, mold and other allergens that are 0.3 microns or larger, from the air and thus improving air quality.

What’s the advantage to have ‘Carbon’ filter in the air cleaner?

The ‘Carbon’ filter curbs bacteria growth and neutralizes odor for fresher and healthy air.

How is the Performance of an Air Cleaner Measured?

Air cleaners can be evaluated by their effectiveness in reducing airborne pollutants. This effectiveness is measured by the Clean Air Delivery Rate, or CADR, is a rating or seal provided by The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) which is an organization that verifies lab tests and certifies home appliances. Once tested, products are given a certification seal that makes it easier for consumers to compare the efficiency of air quality products. The CADR is a measure of air cleaner’s delivery of contaminant-free air, expressed in cubic feet per minute.

What is the recommended coverage area of Electrolux Z 9125 air cleaner?

[313 m3/hr = 11,053.5 ft3/hr which equivalent to, 5.217 m3/min = 184.23 ft3/min]

The coverage area of the Electrolux Z 9125 air cleaner is 184.23 ft3/min. Measure your room's dimensions and buy according to the recommended coverage area (or higher than required). Efficiency ratings are based on average room sizes, and how many times per hour that volume of air will pass through the unit.

Where should I place the air cleaner?

Portable air cleaners can be used in any dry area of your home. The most likely area is the room where it can be of most benefit - where there is the largest concentration of allergens. A good start is to position a room-size air cleaner in the room where you spend the most time in a 24 hour day and that is usually the bedroom.

Is the cleaning process complicated? How often should the cleaning process be done?

Cleaning and maintenance are rather simple and easy. Clean unit exterior as necessary by wiping with a dry, soft cloth. The CHANGE FILTER indicator will signal when to wash the filter cassettes. All filters (Pre-filter, HEPA filter and Carbon filter) are washable. To optimize unit efficiency, wash all filters every three months.

How do I get replacement filters?

You may order replacement filters from Electrolux Customer Service (Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm, Saturday: 8.30am – 12.30pm) by calling our Toll-free line: 1-300-88-1122 or email to

How long is the warranty period for Electrolux air cleaner?

The warranty period for Electrolux air cleaner is 12 months from the date of purchase.


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