Built-In Ovens

Can I use a Built-In Oven as a tabletop model?

No, you cannot use it as a tabletop model as Built-In Oven should be built into a cabinet as the sides are expose without any paneling. Therefore the expose sides of the oven will be very hot when used.

Why do I have to preheat the oven first before I place my food in and what temperature should I select?

Oven cooking is by convection i.e. using heating elements to heat up the air in the oven cavity, therefore the food gets cooked from outside in. What temperature you should set depends on the recipes chosen.

How do I know if the temperature I set to preheat the oven have reached?

An indicator light above the temperature selector will come on, once the temperature have reached, the indicator light will go off. This means you can place the food into the oven for cooking.

What is the difference between oven cooking and microwave cooking? 

Oven cooking is convection cooking which takes some time for your food to be cooked. Microwave cooking is using microwaves which pass through food and this waves cooks the food. The food is cooked from inside out and the cooking time is very fast.

What is the difference between Pyrolytic Cleaning and Catalytic Cleaning in ovens?

Those ovens having Pyrolytic cleaning or Catalytic cleaning means that these oven have self cleaning feature. The user do not have to physically clean the oven themselves. In Pyrolytic cleaning the oven heats up to above 500°C and burns off all the stains in the oven cavity to ash. This means that the user only need to wipe out the ash after the oven have cooled down. In a Catalytic oven you will have 2 panels which you need to install on to the sides of the oven cavity. During Catalytic cleaning which the oven will be heated to the maximum temperature on the control knob and the stains on the 2 panels (right & left) sides of the oven cavity will be burnt to ash but the stains that are on the top and bottom of the oven have to be clean by hand. Therefore Pyrolytic ovens are more expensive.

What are the oven cooking programs?

Oven Functions – EOB303X-1 / EOB305X-1 / EOB307X-1

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