Cooker Hood

What is the range of Cooker Hood does Electrolux offers?

In Electrolux, we offer Island Chimney Hood, Chimney Hood, Canopy Hood and Slim Line Hood.

What is the term used to measure or define the air flow rate (suction power) of Electrolux cooker hood?

Meter cubic per hour, i.e. 1400m3/hr

How do you explain about the differences between Ducting and Recirculation mode in Cooker Hood?

When Ducting mode is selected for the Cooker Hood, there is a need to open a hole on the wall above the hood and install a ducting hose to evacuate what is being extracted up by the hood.

Whereas there is no need to install a ducting hose for using the Cooker Hood with Recirculation mode. The air which is extracted up by the hood is being filtered using the Grease filter and Active Carbon filter and recycled back into the kitchen.

What is the minimum and maximum allowance you should give when installing cooker hood from the counter top?

a.  For installation of Cooker Hood match with Gas Hob :

     (i)  Minimum height 700mm

     (ii) Maximum height 760mm

 b. For installation of Cooker Hood match with Electric Hob:

    (i) Minimum height 600mm 

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