Why do I need a juicer?

Juicing is a good option to healthy diet. Liquids, such as purified water, herbal teas and fresh squeezed juices, move through the stomach in 10 minutes and are eliminated through the kidneys in about 2-3 hours. Fresh squeezed juices have no fiber but are loaded with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and phyto-nutrients. Solid foods will take around 30 minutes to 4 hours to digest and needs 8-24 hours to be eliminated through a bowel movement. Juice is best as in-between-meals beverage to give extra nutrition we need to boost our immune systems!

Can I use the juicer without the safety handle on?

The safety handle lock will ensure that all parts are in position. If the parts are not assembled in their actual position, the handle could not be put into position. Operating the juicer without the safety handle lock in position may cause injury and damage to the appliance.

Why is a juicer so expensive? It makes juicing fresh juice so expensive.

Health is priceless compared to fresh healthy juice. What matters should not be the price of the product, what matters should be your health and the value of your enjoyment over the lifespan of the product. You also are more satisfied with a glass of juice than you ever would be with a bowl of processed oats and milk.

How do I prepare fruit and vegetables for juicing? Must I peel and seed the produce first before juicing?

Some fruits and vegetables require peeling and seeding due to the toxicity of the skins or seeds. Oranges and grapefruits should be peeled as these skins contain a toxic substance and taste bitter. However, leave some of the thick white inside as it contains bioflavonoids & vitamin C. Always peel imported fruits since they are usually sprayed with chemicals. Peel any fruits or veggies that have been waxed. Avoid juicing the apple seeds as they contain small amounts of arsenic, apples seeds should not be juiced.

Should I juice the whole fruit?

There are some fruits and vegetables which are not suitable for juicing. For instance, bananas and avocados are too low in water content to put through a juicer.

What should I do with the pulp?

Pulp can be used in making meatloaf, cookies, muffins, etc. Refer to your juicing recipe books, some juicing books will provide ideas for using the pulp.

How often do I juice?

It is best recommended to juice only when you need it. This is because nutrients in juice may be lost almost immediately after juicing. Juices are best drunk immediately.

When is the right time to drink fresh juice?

Drink fresh juice on an empty stomach for best nutrient absorption. However, juices can be taken as in-between meal as it can boost our immune systems!

Why is the pulp so wet?

If the left-over pulp produced seems damp or even wet, you may be pushing vegetables through too fast. Take your time and let the machine do its job. Use only a subtle pressure to send the produce through the juicer.

How long is the warranty period for Electrolux Juicer?

The warranty period for Electrolux Juicer is 24 months from the date of purchase.

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