Reallife Dishwasher

How much do we need to pay for one wash cycle using a dishwasher?

The consumption value:


Program with maximum Energy consumption : Auto wash program - 1.7kWh

Electricity bill calculation:

Energy Consumption (kWh) x TNB tariff rate =

1.7 kWh x 21.8 sen/kWh  = 37sen

Do we need to use the dishwasher salt when we use dishwasher in Malaysia?

The dishwasher salt is used to remove the hardness of mineral ions (i.e. Calcium & Magnesium) from the water. Since Malaysia has low water hardness that means low concentration of Calcium and Magnesium ions therefore the dishwasher salt is not required in using a dishwasher in Malaysia.

What are the programs?

See below for the details of the program.



ESL66060R ESI67070XR


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