Water Heater

What is a tankless instant water heater?

A tankless instant water heater, heats water only as it is demanded.

What are the main benefits of an Electrolux instant water heater?

The main benefits of an Electrolux instant water heater are,

1. Instant water heater heats entirely on demand and only when it is needed. Since there is no hot water storage, heat loss is completely eliminated.

2. It can literally run all day long if necessary and it would never stop producing hot water since it heats water instantly on demand.

3. Instant water heater is about the size of a briefcase - it saves valuable space that can be used for storage especially in condos and apartments.

4. Since hot water is not stored in the Instant Water Heater. Therefore, tankless Instant Water Heater generally handles hard water minerals and sediments much better than conventional tank heater. This makes them far less likely to leak or rupture, and able to maintain efficiency throughout their whole lifecycle.

5. Instant water heater allows you to set the ongoing water temperature you prefer thereby reducing risk of scalding.

6. 5-spray patterns shower head to offer different patterns of water spray to suit consumers’ daily shower needs. To allow consumers to have enjoyable and relaxing baths.

What safety features are included in an Electrolux instant water heater?

Electrolux instant water heater has safety features such as,

1. Built-in Surge Protector

· Prevents mishaps and protects heater components from damage if lightning strikes

2. Highly sensitive ELCB

· Cuts off power supply at even the smallest amount of leakage.

· Heater will NOT function.

· Protects USER from electrocution.

· Protects the heater mechanism.

3. Anti-Scald protection

· Double actions thermostat automatically resets if water temperature exceeds a set limit to prevent scalding.

4. Leak-proof heater tank

· To ensure total safety of the appliance to prevent electrocution.

5. Built-in Auto Flow Sensor Switch

· To provide instant hot shower instead of cold shower. Likewise, when no water flow was detected, it will switches off the heater immediately to avoid sudden burst of hot water that will lead to the danger of scalding.

How long is the warranty period for Electrolux instant water heater?

The warranty period for Electrolux instant water heater is 12 months on general parts and 5 years on the heating element from the date of purchase.

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