Electrolux products are easy to use. Download your user manual using your model or product number for washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, vacuums, and more.

The following tips can help you get the best performance from your Electrolux appliance. Please make sure you follow regular check-up schedules as indicated in the manual.

Refrigerator Usage Tips

• Significant energy savings can be achieved by placing your Electrolux refrigerator in a cool spot – avoid placement next to heat sources like ovens and radiators, or in direct sunlight.
• Defrost your fridge regularly – this will enhance the efficiency.
• Cool hot food before placing it in the fridge.
• Set the Thermostat temperature in the range of 4-5 °C.

Washing Machine Usage Tips

• Wash your clothes at temperatures below 65 °C – this is because detergents work optimally at lower temperatures.
• Pre-treat stains so you can wash your laundry at lower temperatures.
• Avoid running your washing machines under capacity.
• Avoid the pre-washing cycle whenever possible.
• Regularly check and clean washing machine filters and pumps.

Induction Hobs Usage Tips

• Correct cookware material: cast iron, steel, enamelled steel, stainless steel, the bottom made of multi-layer (with correct mark from a manufacturer).
• Not correct cookware material: aluminium, copper, brass, glass, ceramic, porcelain.
• Cookware is correct for an induction hob if: some water boils very quickly on a zone set to the highest heat setting; a magnet pulls on to the bottom of the cookware.
• The bottom of the cookware must be as thick and flat as possible.

Steam Ovens Usage Tips

• For steam cooking use only water as the liquid. Do not use filtered (demineralised) or distilled water.
• When you deactivate the appliance, the display shows the residual heat. You can use the heat to keep the food warm.
• You can save your favourite settings, like duration, temperature or heating function. They are available in the Favourite Programme menu. You can save 20 programmes.

Microwave Ovens Usage Tips

• Arrange food carefully. Place thickest areas towards outside of dish.
• Watch cooking time. Cook for the shortest amount of time indicated and add more as needed. Food severely overcooked can smoke or ignite.
• Cover foods while cooking. Covers prevent spattering and help foods to cook evenly.
• Turn foods over once during microwave cooking to speed cooking of such foods as chicken and hamburgers. Large items like roasts must be turned over at least once.
• Rearrange foods such as meatballs halfway through cooking both from top to bottom and from the center of the dish to the outside.

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