Electrolux Extended Warranty

Electrolux Malaysia Extended Warranty

We understand the inconvenience a breakdown can cause. It’s not just the hassle of dirty dishes or laundry piling up – it’s the unexpected cost of repairs and replacement or having to wait for days for unreliable or unqualified service technicians. That’s why, we’ve created our Extended Warranty packages. They offer up to five years of unmatched coverage for all our major appliances, as well as our promise that we’ll help you get things back to normal, quickly, easily and at no additional costs. Please note that an Electrolux extended warranty is only available for purchase within the first 60 days of your product purchase date.

Extended Warranty Cost Breakdown
Electrolux Warranty Services

No additional costs* for up to five years

You don’t need to worry about any additional costs for repairs, replacement of parts or labour charges. We’ve got you covered for any eventuality.

Electrolux Trained Technicians

Electrolux’s authorized technicians

No one knows more about your appliance than we do. You can count on the expertise of our Electrolux authorized technicians for all on-site or off-site repairs.

Electrolux 24 Hours Hotline

Dedicated hotline, 7 days a week

You will have access to a dedicated hotline, designed to make your claims process smooth and easy, from 7am-11pm

Electrolux Free of Charge Replacement

One-time, free-of-charge replacement

To keep your household running smoothly, the Electrolux Extended Warranty offers you a one-time replacement appliance in case your faulty appliance proves beyond economical repair

Food Spoilage Reimbursement

Food spoilage reimbursement (for refrigerators/freezers)

In case your Electrolux refrigerator or freezer suffers a breakdown, you can enjoy the reassurance of reimbursement for any food spoilage for up to RM250.

How To Buy

All Electrolux Extended Warranty Plans can be purchased direct from our call centre on 1-300-88-1122. 

How To Make A Claim

Please call our Extended Warranty hotline at 1300-80-1122 or drop us an email at extended.warranty@mondial-assistance.com.my. We operate operate 7am to 11pm 365 days a year.

We require a copy of your product’s purchase receipt and your Extended Warranty Plan number. Please also have ready your product serial number, along with your personal details (name, contact information) for verification. 

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