Warranty Policy

Effective from 1st Jan 2015 – 31st December 2015

Warranty period list for Electrolux products

Terms and conditioners for Laundry Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Air Cleaners, Vacuum Cleaners, Water Heaters, Small Appliances:

1. General Warranty are applicable to all products within the stipulated warranty period. Please refer to the Terms & Condition for General Warranty coverage.

2. 10 years warranty for motor, compressor, glass top and water tank are activated through online registration via www.electrolux.com.my. This is to ensure all warranty claims are activated to cover the duration of the warranty. Electrolux reserved the right to reject warranty claim not registered online. Customer are required to provide proof of purchase for warranty claim verification.

3. After the expiry of the general warranty period, the 10 years warranty for motor, compressor, glass top and water tank excludes:- labour, transportation, gas removal/refilling, accessories, general maintenance and service costs incurred.

4. All warranty claims are subject to Electrolux discretion with verification from appointed Electrolux Authorised Service Contractor arranged by Electrolux Customer Care Center Tel: 1-300-88-1122.

5. The warranty terms only cover manufacturing defect on product usage for non commercial environment only. If the product are found modified or used for commercial in any way, all terms on the warranty will be void.

Terms and conditions for Air Conditioners:
Refer to the Air Conditioner Warranty

Terms and conditions is not applicable for Accessories.

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