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ComfortFlow™ 500 Water Heater (AC pump)

The Electrolux 500 Series water heater with ComfortFlow™ tank heats water to desired temperature and absorbs excess heat to prevent it from getting too hot. This ensures you and your family can wash in comfort every day. 
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Twice as stable water temperature*

ComfortFlow™ tank absorbs excess heat to ensure twice as stable water temperature*

Your peace of mind

SafeReady® automatically tests electrical safety before every use


Four convenient ways to connect power to your water heater

Your reassurance on safety

15 advanced safety features keep your family feel comfortable and safe every day

Bathe in style

Our stylish and slim Scandinavian design blends into any modern home

We’ve got you covered

Enjoy a 10 Year Warranty on the nylon water tank

Tech specification

Key Specification



Power (W)

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    Product Profile

    • PumpYes
    • Min Water Flow (litre/min)2
    • Net Weight (Kg)2.5

    Electrical Specifications

    • Power (W)3.6


    • Height401 mm
    • Width220 mm
    • Depth90 mm

    • Thermostat55℃/ 90℃
    • Water Connection1/2''
    • Shower typeRain shower+Standard,Soothe,Jumbo,Mix,Massage
    • Relay2



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