Encouraging conscious communities by leading through example
Encouraging conscious communities by leading through example

As we create more mindful homes, we recognise that meaningful change is a team effort. But to create a strong team, we need good leaders like the Sustainability Squad. Carefully selected by Electrolux, each member of the Sustainability Squad shines in their respective fields, but together, they become part of something greater: Encouraging conscious communities by leading through example.

Meet the Squad

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Contribute to a brighter future for families all around the world


I am so honoured and privileged to be welcomed as part of the #ElectroluxSustainabilitySquad, where I get the chance to educate, encourage and inspire my community towards a greener lifestyle.
@electrolux believes in creating products that are efficient in use of resources, whether in better tasting food, clothes lasting longer, or making the air we breathe cleaner — and as a mother, I only want the best for my family.
Today, let’s do what we can and contribute to a brighter future for families all around the world.


Improve everyday life by creating sustainable home life


I am super happy to announce that I joined the Electrolux Sustainability Squad to encourage and inspire a more eco-conscious lifestyle in my community.
Empowered by @electrolux, the global shift to more sustainable living is critical now more than ever.
We need to improve everyday life by creating sustainable home-life through circularity and efficiency in appliances and resources, which is a commitment Electrolux is striving to deliver.


Explore mindful eating, one meal a time


​For a long-time meat lover, Meatless Monday is quite a challenge.​

But knowing how much it helps the environment makes it worthwhile, and I love how I can explore recipes I normally wouldn’t try.

Eating one meatless meal a week improves not only your my health, but also the planet’s — so I’ll always give Meatless Monday a shot and see how it goes. 💕


Take your time with fuss-free cleaning


Ukino or slow living is about appreciating life’s small details and focusing on the bare necessities.

For me, this is easier to achieve when I’m not stressed over chores and errands.

I learned to love the process of cleaning with the UltimateHome 900 vacuum, which is easier to maintain with a BrushRollClean pedal, strong filtration, and handy nozzles for different functions.


Breathe in a fresh start every day


Whenever I embrace my inner homebody, I always make sure to settle down with a breath of fresh air.

​Here's how you can make the great indoors even better:
​Growing beginner-friendly plants like Pothos and Peace Lilies!
Using the Flow A3 air purifier to remove toxins, allergens, and odours from the air* with the 4-step filtration.​
Choosing natural cleaning products, because many household cleaning products contain chemicals that can cause irritation.​

*Tested for Legionella pneumophila, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Serratia marcescens


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