E201SM S-bag classic LP X12
E201SM S-bag classic LP X12

E201SM S-bag classic LP X12

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  • Fits to numerouos vacuum cleaner models include Z1925/ Z1955/ Z5020/ Z5030/ Z5225/ Z5525/ Z5530/ Z5650/ Z5925/ Z3332/ ZE3332/ ZE2250/ ZE2264/ ZAM6103/ Z7510/ ZUS3375/ ZUSG3900/ ZEO5410/ ZO6330/ Z2015/ Z2020/ Z5925/ ZJG6800/ ZUSG3000/ ZP3510/ ZCX6201/ Z8851

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The model number, underline in green, is printed on the serial plate of your appliance.
Colour of product may vary based on Country specific model

Longer lasting

S-bag® classic long performance lasts 50% longer than traditional paper vacuum cleaner bags

60% better suction capacity

S-bag® classic long performance bag's durable synthetic material optimizes airflow and gives the vacuum cleaner constant suction even when the dust bag starts to get full.

High filtration capacity

The synthetic material in the vacuum cleaner bag filters out up to 99% of particles down to 1 µm size (equivalent to 1/15 of the diameter of a human hair). It filters the air 40% more efficiently than ordinary paper dust bags and makes it easier to get rid of airborne particles such as allergens and certain types of bacteria.

Improved closure system - durable and hygienic

The closure system has been reshaped and made more stable by using stronger materials and a new sealing technology. This is to ensure that the s-bag® bag is closed each time and does not break or leak. This vacuum cleaner bag is easier to insert into the vacuum cleaner. It is also more hygienic in that the bag is automatically sealed when it is taken out, which prevents spillage and enables quick and clean bag changes.



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