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Drying clothes during the rainy season is daunting. With Electrolux dryers, you have the freedom to wash your laundry in the day or night, regardless of the weather. With the choices of Electrolux's venting, condensing or heat pump dryer, you can now have clean and hygienic laundry anytime while preserving your clothes for longer.

With an Electrolux dryer, your clothes will dry quickly without depending on the weather. At the same time, you don’t expose your clean laundry to dust, smog and allergens in the environment. In addition, Electrolux dryers also have smart features that eliminate bacteria, particulates, odors, and allergens, and keep clothes bright, soft, and no longer as rough as in outdoor drying. These features also help reduce wrinkles, saving time on ironing.Another reason for you to own a dryer immediately, especially for small and medium-sized apartments, is to improve the look of your living space. You will have more space for storage and work, making your home tidier and more comfortable.Electrolux offers a wide range of dryers – venting, condensing, and heat pump dryer to choose from, depending on your living spaces. Venting dryers are suitable for small spaces, as it allows you to put on top or hang above the washing machine. On the other hand, Heat Pump & Condenser dryers have more drying options, and since these products are heavier, they are not suitable for hanging or place on top of the washing machine, hence, will need more space.


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