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Together, your washer and dryer work as a team to give your clothes the best possible cleaning and drying results. So, when one reaches the end of its lifespan, is it time to replace it with another? Or should you replace both your washer and dryer at the same time?

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Getting a dishwasher is not just an excuse for not wanting to do the dishes. While it does significantly save you from cleaning duty, a dishwasher lets you achieve outstanding and hygienic cleaning results, with less energy and water compared to hand washing.

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Keeping your refrigerator at the right temperature not only helps you keep your food fresh, it also contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle in the process. In this article, Electrolux will explain everything you need to know about refrigerator temperature setting and extra helpful tips to keep your refrigerator cool.

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When summer comes, parties, travelling, and outdoor activities make it harder to take care of your favourite items. Summer fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk are aesthetically pleasing yet more challenging to maintain. This article offers 6 useful summer laundry tips to care for your delicate pieces of clothing.

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To help you make the most of your new air fryer, this Beginner’s Guide from Electrolux will show you how to use an air fryer, touching upon the following subjects

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Washing machines are essential parts of any home and can consume a lot of power. In this article, Electrolux shows you how you can save electricity when using your washing machine with the following tips

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