PAE6P aqua sense filters (6X)
PAE6P aqua sense filters (6X)

PAE6P aqua sense filters (6X)

  • PAE6P
  • Filters used for EWFLJL1 water filter jugs.
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Ultra fast flow

Provides high quality and 2x faster filtration than traditional water filtration jugs. It takes approximately 2 minutes to filter 1 litre of water, meaning less time waiting for filter water.

Improves lifetime of kitchen appliances.

It reduces the build up of limescale (carbonate hardness) which prolongs the lifetime and performance of your kitchen appliances.

Tested and certified.

The PureAdvantage filter has been tested and certified by the independent DEU test institute TÜV Rheinland and LGA.

PureAdvantage™ filter technology

An advanced 4 stage filtration system, containing 3M Purification Technology. Features four advanced stages of filtration that remove heavy metals like lead and copper, reduce limescale, and eliminate odours and unpleasant taste.

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