9 Things You Should Know About Electrolux Air Conditioners

Here’s a list of the 9 most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our aircon units. For additional information, browse Electrolux air conditioners available in Malaysia.

  • What’s the difference between an inverter and non-inverter aircon?

    Non-Inverter AC

    Conventional air conditioners are non-inverter types where the compressor run on fixed speed. Meaning it can only control the indoor temperature by either starting or stopping the compressor.

    Inverter AC

    Inverter technology allows air conditioners to be more powerful whilst being more energy efficient at the same time. The compressor of the inverter air conditioners work at various speeds. As such, electronic control allows the rotation speed of the inverter motor to automatically regulate to reach the required temperature rapidly, and to keep it stable.

    The benefits of inverter air conditioning units provide a remarkable advantage; low noise, energy savings and optimal temperature without sudden changes.

  • What’s the ‘I FEEL’ function and its benefits?

    ‘I FEEL' is one of the unique features of Electrolux air conditioner, where a temperature sensor is built into the remote controller. When activated, the ‘I FEEL' mode will maintain the set temperature where the remote controller is located. This allows more temperature control wherever you may be located.

  • What’s ‘Vitamin C Technology’ in Electrolux air conditioners?

    Once the air conditioner is switched on, Nano particles of Vitamin C are continuously released into the air, which can help to improve skin quality and reduce stress. Vitamin C is also known to inhibit bacteria and combat free radicals, which can cause damage to humans.

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