10 Year Warranty Model List

All Front Load Washer - Motor Warranty only

All Inverter Top Load Washer - Motor Warranty only

All Washer-Dryer - Motor Warranty only

All Refrigerator - Compressor Warranty only

All Kitchen Hood – Motor Warranty only

All Built-in Hob - Glass Top Warranty only

Dryers - Motor Warranty only

EDV705HQWA - 7kg
EDV805JQWA - 8kg
EDV754H3WB - 7.5kg
EDV854J3WB - 8.5kg
EDC704GEWA - 7kg
EDC804CEWA - 8kg
EDH803BEWA - 8kg
EDH903BEWA - 9kg
EDH903R9WB - 9kg
EDH803Q7WB - 8kg
EDC804P5WB – 8kg

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