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9kg UltimateCare™ 800 Heat Pump Dryer

Wear it well, don't wear it out. DelicateCare system wool and silk cycles carefully tailor temperature and motion settings so that you can dare to dry even your most delicate items. The quality of these unique fabrics are preserved, with no shrinkage and no shape-loss.*

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No shrinkage, no shape loss*

DelicateCare system wool and silk cycles carefully control temperature and motion settings so that each cycle is tailored to the unique properties of these delicate fabrics. Wools are kept flat against the drum's surface and silks are gently air-dried. The quality of your clothes preserved for longer protecting against shrinkage and shape-loss*. *No shrinkage of woollens. Comparable to flat drying. No shape-loss of silks. Comparable to air drying

Gentle drying with half the energy consumption*

Heat pump technology puts less damaging heat stress on your fabrics by drying effectively at lower temperatures to keep them looking and feeling new for longer. Exceptional performance with up to 50% less energy usage than traditional machines.* *50% lower energy consumption EDH803BEWA compared to previous model EDC804CEWA

Wifi connected for care advice, on demand

With Electrolux Life App, you can be confident that your most precious clothes will be cared for in just the right way. The Care Advisor provides intuitive guidance to assist you in expertly cleaning up to 48 fabrics and 40 of the most common stains.

Learn more about Electrolux Life App here

Up to 32% less wrinkles*

Alternating clockwise and anti-clockwise drum movements prevent clothes from tangling, resulting in up to 32% less wrinkles compared to air drying*. Less creases means less need for high temperature ironing, so fabrics stay looking new for longer. *32% less wrinkles vs. hang drying - tested and certified by THTI

Care for wool, the easy way

Safely dry your treasured woollen garments in our Woolmark approved cycle. This programme is proven to care for tumble-dryer safe woollens with optimum cleaning drying and minimum felting.

Drying rack for gentlest dry

Dry woollens, shoes and soft toys on the dedicated rack without any tumbling. Your precious items are evenly dried with no shape or textural damage.

Tech specification

Key Specification


Drying Capacity (Kg)

Typer of Dryer

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    • Drying Capacity (Kg)9


    • Width600 mm
    • Height850 mm
    • Depth600 (maximum 659) mm

    Power Supply

    • Voltage (V)220-240
    • Frequency (Hz)50

    Interface and Control

    • Control TypeElectronic
    • Countdown IndicatorYes
    • Delay Start (hours max)20


    • Body ColorWhite
    • DoorChrome
    • Panel DisplayIQ Touch™ with Rotary Knob and LED Time Display

    Dry Programmes

    • CottonsYes
    • SyntheticsYes
    • SilkYes
    • RefreshYes
    • Drying RackYes
    • WoolYes
    • DelicatesYes
    • SportsYes
    • FavouriteYes
    • Mixed +Yes
    • Bedding +Yes
    • Energy SaverYes
    • App ProgramYes


    • Typer of DryerHeat Pump Dryer

    Installation Type

    • Stack with Stacking KitYes
    • Side by SideYes


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