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Front load washing machine: Ultimate convenience & efficiency for large loads

Introducing Electrolux front load washing machines, with capacities ranging from 7.5 to 11 kg, tailor-made for extensive household laundry needs with easy loading and exceptional water efficiency.

What is a front load washing machine?

A front load washing machine, or front loader, has a laundry door on the front face of the machine, with a horizontally positioned drum making it easier to load large items.

The superior advantages of front load washing machines

Boasting significant capacity, a front load washer accommodates substantial laundry loads up to 11 kg, surpassing top loaders in water and energy conservation.

Its rapid spin cycles significantly reduce drying time, while adaptable washing settings cater to diverse fabric types and levels of soiling, ensuring convenient loading/unloading through its frontal access.

Front load or top load washing machines

Front load washers distinguish themselves with a front entry, as opposed to the top access of Top Loaders, utilizing less water and delivering more comprehensive cleans through efficient horizontal drum rotation.

Discover in-depth insights on the comparative benefits of Front and top load washing machines in our detailed articles.

Electrolux’s front load washing machine premier features

Electrolux front load washing machines come equipped with up to 15 advanced washing programs and innovative care features to preserve fabric integrity, enhance color vibrancy, and achieve impeccable cleanliness:

  • AutoDose technology: Automatically adjusts detergent and fabric softener quantities according to load size, optimizing cleaning effectiveness and fabric preservation.

  • SensorWash: Eliminates pre-soaking necessity with AI-driven sensors that identify stains and adjust washing parameters accordingly, targeting up to 49 distinct stains including oil, wine, and chocolate.

  • UltraMix: Pre-mixes cleaning agents with water before introduction to the drum, avoiding detergent marks on garments.

  • HygienicCare: Offers allergen and germ removal with mild 40°C steam, tender on fabrics while ensuring energy efficiency.

  • EcoInverter motor: Diminishes energy and water usage by up to 50%, setting new standards in eco-friendly laundry.

Explore Electrolux’s full range of washing machines, including top load washing machines and washer dryer combos, for a comprehensive laundry solution.

Check out our expert Washing machine buying guide for choosing the perfect washing machine tailored to your needs.

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