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Heat pump dryer: Drying clothes with the power of heat

Opt for a heat pump laundry dryer, the gentle, time-saving, space-efficient, and energy-saving choice for your laundry needs.

What is a heat pump system?

Our Electrolux heat pump dryer system dries your clothes by circulating warm air to extract moisture, which is then collected as water droplets in a container, allowing for a continuous flow of warm air until your clothes are perfectly dry.

Benefits of a heat pump dryer

Choose our energy efficient heat pump dryer and experience the technology to transform your laundry routine into a minor task:

  • Gentle on fabrics: Low heat prevents shrinkage, color fading, and keeps your clothes looking new.

  • Time-saving: Our heat pump dryer machines dry clothes faster than conventional dryers.

  • Energy-efficient: Consumes up to 50% less energy by recirculating warm air.

Electrolux heat pump dryer features

Electrolux heat Pump dryers come with features designed to ease your laundry chores:

  • SensiCare technology: Smart sensors adjust drying time based on the moisture and temperature inside the drum, ensuring clothes are not over-dried.

  • Woolmark approved: Safely dry wool garments that typically require hand-washing.

  • Reversible drum action: Reduces tangling and creasing, making ironing easier.

  • Delicate cycle: A low-temperature option for your delicate items, offering peace of mind.

Upgrade your laundry experience with Electrolux heat pump laundry dryers for time and energy efficiency, alongside superior garment care.

Explore our full range of dryers, including condenser and venting models, for easy and convenient fabric care.

Before purchasing a dryer, read our essential Dryer buying guide to discover how Electrolux can enhance your home comfort experience.

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