10.5kg cyclonic care washing machine - silver
10.5kg cyclonic care washing machine - silver

10.5kg cyclonic care washing machine - silver

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  • Energy consumption inproves by 40%
  • Noise level (wash cycle) 12% better; (spin cycle) 2% better

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Inverter technology

Imporves energy consumption by 40%. Reduces noise level by 12% (wash cycle) and 2% (spin cycle)

Cyclonic care pulsator

Generate upward water flow which prevents clothes from clumping at the bottom of the tub thereby reduces friction.

Water cube drum

Reduces friction between the clothes and the drum, preventing damage to the fabric.

Cyclonic tub clean

Clean clothes and tub simultaneously during spin cycle. After rinse cycle, only 65% of the water is drained. Using centrifugal force , it pushes water onto the tub to create a scrubbing/ cleaning action.

Wool function

Cycle that dries your woolen garments with care

Stylish glass lid design

Safe, smooth and elgant lid which is specially design with soft closing.


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